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The Most Amazing Keto Pancakes You’ve Ever Eaten

Ah Pancakes!

What would Saturday morning be without you?

Dreary indeed, if you ask me!

I knew that I was going to have to find a way to eat pancakes for this keto lifestyle thing to work for me.

Cuz I’m not likely to give them up.

Saturday was made for pancakes.

And bacon.

And leisurely mornings.

Or at the every least, just moving around a little less frantically.

So how was I supposed to love my Saturday mornings as much as I did before on a ketogenic diet?

By eating keto pancakes, that’s how!

Keto Pancake Photo Collage

I didn’t know they were a thing. But they are a thing. One of my new favorite things.

And now they’re going to be one of your new favorite things too.

Because if there are pancakes on Saturday, all is right with the world!

And so, my friends, here are some of the most amazing keto pancakes you have ever eaten.

These pancakes use both coconut flour and almond flour. That makes them light and fluffy just like I like them!

These stack up to regular pancakes in my humble opinion.

And they are quite filling, too!

I love me some sugar free butter pecan syrup on these bad boys!

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These cream cheese pancakes are actually flourless!

I love to use these as crepes. They are great for both sweet and savory fillings.

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, or tea party, these are the perfect treat.

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These pancakes are all almond flour. Some people think that straight up almond flour makes baked things a little gritty.

To me, the texture is very like fried cornbread pancakes.

From my other life before keto.

Still amazing! I like to spread these with sugar free jam for a special treat.

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Yes, my friend, you read that right.

Cinnamon Roll pancakes. Of the Keto kind.

They even have a cream cheese frosting to slather all over them.

Keto breakfast heaven right there y'all!

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These incredible pumpkin pancakes take a little longer than some of the others because you need to whip the egg whites separably.

But, oh baby! It's so worth it!

And you don't have to wait for fall, either!

Drizzle with a sugar free maple syrup.

You won't be sorry!

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I love blueberry pancakes. I love pretty much blueberry anything...

But these are especially good on a cold winter morning when I'm craving something warm and sweet and I'm tired of muffins...

Add a little lemon zest for that classic pairing to take it up a notch and then a healthy drizzle of sugar free maple syrup just takes these over the top!

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Chocolate chip pancakes were a favorite weekend treat when my kids were little. And now those suckers are back on the menu!

Serve these with keto whipped cream or your favorite sugar free syrup.

Or both, if you are so inclined.

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Chocolate pancakes.

Can I get an, "Amen"?

Is there anything more I need to say? lol

Sub out the whole milk in this recipe with heavy cream or other keto friendly milk of your choice.

And if you want to cover them with a coating of sugar free chocolate sauce, who am I to judge?

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Do you remember as a kid, when Grandma wouldn't tell you what was in the zucchini bread until you tried it?

And you remember how amazing it tasted?

Yeah. Just like that.

The zucchini keeps them moist and adds to the nutritional value, so you can feel good about eating veggies for breakfast.

And the chocolate chips remind you that it really is breakfast.

These guys could totally be eaten with out adding syrup if you wanted to.

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These wonderful pancakes use ricotta cheese and coconut flour. It gives them a wonderfully smooth, fluffy texture.

And then there's pecans. Have you noticed I'm partial to pecans? They just make things better somehow.

Top these babys off with your favorite sugar free syrup, add a cup of your favorite hot beverage, and you are all set!

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Keto Tiramisu?


I know, it sounds to good to be true. But in this case, it is true!

The flavors you love from regular tiramisu, all ketofied.

This pancake dish is a lovely addition to any fancy brunch. Or perfect to eat in pajamas on a weekend morning.

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I've always loved Dutch Baby pancakes. The fact that I can still eat these on the keto diet makes me incredibly happy!

Easy to make in an oven proof skillet and everyone gets to eat all at the same time.

These are typically eaten with fruit and cream, so stick to berries and heavy cream and you're golden!

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And now that you have these amazing recipes, go forth and make Saturday mornings the stuff of your pre-Keto dreams!

Peace, love, and keto pancakes, y’all!

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