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21 Incredibly Delicious Keto Dip Recipes You’re Going to Love

Keto Dips

I’m gonna be honest with you here.

I don’t like summer.

Not even a little bit.

I’m one of those people that just always runs hot.I’m always hot.  And I hate it.

And I live in the South where the temps get to 100+ in the summer time.

Fall and winter, though, that’s my jam!

Of course, temperature wise, fall doesn’t really hit here until late November-ish.

But at least the temperatures are generally below 90 in September.

And September brings football,which I totally love!

And of course, football brings with it the need for football snacks.

Which I’m also rather fond of. 🙂

Keto Dip Recipes

Luckily for us, there is a virtual smorgasbord of keto friendly snacks out there. 

Today I am going to introduce you to the wonderful world of keto dip recipes.

“Why dips”, you ask?

Because, let’s face it, you can put dip on pretty much anything and it will taste good.

For reelz.

I like to have 3 or 4 dip selections at my game day get-togethers.

That way there’s something to please everyone. And I gotta tell you, no one will ever know that you’re feeding them “diet” food.

Unless you don’t have at least one bag of potato chips. That will definitely tip them off…

These dips range from savory to sweet, which is totally amazing. And my favorite bean dip even got a makeover!

There are so many choices for you here I’ve got the whole season covered.

Then I make everyone’s favorites for the playoffs. One of these keto dip recipes is sure to be named MVP!

Keto Dip Recipes

We are going to start off with the perennial favorite from right here at The Low Carb Keto Kitchen:


Seriously. Who doesn't love ranch?

And this is a homemade keto-fied version for all your dipping needs.

With directions for dressing and dip both, I've totally got you covered.

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And if you like ranch, oh boy, is this gonna make your day! This stuff takes ranch to a whole nother level.

Warm, creamy, cheesy, and ranch-y.

Perfect for dipping pretty much anything into!

This one is so good I may or may not have been caught eating it with a spoon...

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Another dip that can be served warm, this Buffalo Chicken Dip is always a favorite.

And guess what? It uses Ranch dressing, too.

Make sure the buffalo sauce you use is low carb and you have a definite MVP contender here.

Don't care for blue cheese? Just leave it off. It's still really good without it.

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Another favorite that also uses ranch, this Keto Bacon Cheddar Ranch Dip is divine!

Bacon and Cheddar in a smooth and creamy dip base just can't go wrong!

This one can be served warm or cold and gets better after it sits for a day so the flavors meld.

If you are going to use my Ranch mix from above, leave out the added dill from this recipe.

It makes it a little "dill forward" as they would say on the Food Network...

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Another heavenly dip that is served warm, this Bacon and Roasted Garlic Spinach Dip is like no spinach dip you've ever had before.

The roasted garlic adds a mellow, deep garlicky flavor that I've not tasted before in a spinach dip.

And bacon, well, bacon just makes everything better, amirite?

Served in little rankins from the oven, or from a small crockpot, this one is going to blow you away.

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Y'all are gonna love this one!

Pizza in a bowl, that's what this is. All mixed up with the cheese and sauce and no carb-y crust to tempt you.

Made with sausage and pepperoni, you can absolutely sub any of your personal favorite toppings in here and it will be phenomenal!

This one might also be an eat-with-a-fork-if-there-are-any-leftovers kind of keto dip.

Just sayin'...

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Warm spinach dip is another perennial favorite that you will see on menus all over the place.

Just make sure that the mayo you use is low carb, and you have an extremely low carb favorite to offer your gang on game day.

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BLT dip anyone? I was intrigued when I first saw this one. Cuz I love me a BLT!

And I have never seen a BLT dip before. I'll just say, this is one that is requested. A lot.

This one is served cold with the lettuce and tomatoes on the top along with more bacon.

I particularly like dipping toasted Keto bagel chips in this one. Try it. You'll thank me.

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If you love the seasoning on everything bagels, you're going to love it in a dip, too!

And this one is super fast and super easy. Which gives you even more to love!

This one is great for dipping just about anything. I especially like this one for a veggie try.

I don't use as much salt as the recipe calls for since my everything seasoning has salt in it. So I suggest you try it without first, and then add salt a little at a time to taste.

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If you like it hot, then this is the one for you!

This one pairs Italian sausage, jalapenos, and 2 kinds of cheese to make a spicy, cheesy indulgence that really hits the spot.

Another one that's served warm, and it pairs really well with all kinds of veggie dippers.

You can always reduce the amount of jalapenos if you want to dial back the heat factor.

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I feel like I've gotta come clean here and confess that I am not a cauliflower loving keto-er.

In fact, I would rather have a root canal than eat cauliflower. There. I said it.

Please don't tell the keto police!

But I've got to tell you that this Mexican Layered Dip has almost changed my mind.

With the spices that are added to the puree, you almost don't miss the beans.

And honestly, you for sure aren't gonna miss the gas. If that's a thing for you and beans, anyway. If not, just move along...

I love this dip most with pork rinds. You should try it.

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Here's one specifically for all you avocado lovers out there!

It's like guacamole, only better.

I know, I know. That's akin to blasphemy. But true, non the less.

Avocados, bacon and sour cream are the star players in this one.

So much creamy perfection in one bowl. Then topped with tomatoes and onions.

This is another one that I love to dip pork rinds in. Or anything else you happen to have on hand.

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This Sausage Cream Cheese dip is simple yet elegant.

Only 3 ingredients, which is awesome. And has a Mexican flair which is always a win in my book!

Perfect for veggie dippers, and another one that is fork (or spoon) worthy.

I like to take any left overs of this one and roll them up into a low carb tortilla for a quick burrito.

Also this one is prefect for low carb tortilla chips. Just, ya know, pace yourself.

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I bet this is one you haven't seen before!

Spanakopita is a Greek dish that's traditionally made of spinach and cheese enclosed inside a double crust made of phyllo pastry.

Of course, phyllo doesn't fly on the keto diet. But this recipe takes the flavors of the Mediterranean and puts them into a bowl for dipping.

And it's really good!

My favorite thing for dipping into this amazing dip is cucumber sticks or slices.

Cucumber pairs really well with Greek flavors and it reminds me, just a touch, of tzatziki sauce.

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No list of dips would be complete, keto or otherwise, without queso.

At least for me it wouldn't.

This keto queso used heavy cream and real cheeses melted into a creamy soupy-ness.

Add in the tomatoes and chilis and you have got yourself a sure fire touchdown!

Favorite dippers for this one? Low carb tortilla chips, hands down.

I just have to portion the chips out before I get started on this stuff. Otherwise, it's game over for the keto thing...

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Here's another one of those I-can't-believe-it's-cauliflower things.

This one boasts roasted cauliflower and roasted garlic mixed with cheese and yogurt for a creamy texture.

Add chopped jalapenos for a kick, then add more cheese and brown in the oven.

Fantastic garlicky flavor.

Vampires will flee for miles.

You should try it!

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This hot crab dip is just the thing for you seafood lovers out there.

It's got a creamy cheesy base that has the perfect amount of crab meat in it.

Baked to a golden brown gooey-ness and served warm, it's perfect for all the veggie dippers.

I particularly like celery sticks with this one. They add a delightful crunch without hiding any of the flavor.

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As a dip.

Life is wonderful, y'all!

You can absolutely use chocolate covered strawberries to dip in this amazingness.

Blueberries are pretty good too.

But my favorite thing to scoop up this cheesecake dip is keto pecan shortbread.

I make it in sticks instead of cookie shapes especially for dipping.

It is sublime.

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I so love this chocolate chip dip!

It is creamy and smooth with just the right amount of chocolate.

Perfect for strawberries of course, but great for other dippers, too! Any keto sugar cookie would be proud to be dunked in here.

I think cinnamon tortilla chips would be pretty darn awesome dipped in here as well. I'll have to try that next time I make it.

I like to add chopped pecans to mine to add a little crunch.

And this dip also doubles as a wonderful icing for chocolate cake.

Just in case you were wondering. 🙂

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This peanut butter dip recipe is sooooo good!

I love using keto chocolate chip cookies for this dip. Because chocolate and peanut butter are a match made in heaven.

I would never have thought about using bacon as a dipper. But there you go.

And they are fantastic! They are also perfect for dipping in the next recipe I'm going to share.

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Once again, I have saved the best for last.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the most amazing thing I have found so far on my keto journey.

Sugar free s'mores dip.

I didn't even know it was a thing.

But it is a thing! And a stupendously awesome thing!

I didn't know there were sugar free marshmallows before I found this.

Chocolate and marshmallows. Keto bliss.

My favorite dippers for this one?

Keto peanut butter cookies.

No lie. It's freaking amazing!

And the maple bacon chips from above.

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So wear your colors proudly, feed the gang keto dips, and stay in ketosis while your team kicks some rival butt!


And if you need some adult beverages to go with your munchies, check out this post on keto cocktails.

Peace, love, and don’t double dip!

PS: If you are looking for more keto friendly foods, check out my Ultimate Keto Food List. It has a printable list that you can take to the grocery store so you’ll always have plenty of food to keep you in ketosis!

If you liked it, put a pin in it!

Keto Dip Recipes