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The Big Giant List of Low Carb & Keto Cocktails

The Big Giant List of Keto Cocktails

You’ve been doing really well on your journey into keto-ness.

Feeling good, looking better.

Then, you get invited to a girls night out with your gal pals.

(or a guy night thing…if you’re a guy)

And then you think, “Well crap! There goes my keto thing!”

Fear not, my friend!

Just because you’ve gone Keto doesn’t mean you can’t get your party started, yo!

And you don’t always have to be the designated driver either!

Although, you should always take your turn. Because you don’t want to be that friend…you know who I’m talking about

The Big Giant List of Low Carb & Keto Cocktails

So take a gander through this list of keto cocktails and keto friendly alcohol to find something to drink at your next get together.

And because I love you, I’ve separated them by alcohol type so you can find your favorites easier.

You’re welcome. 🙂


You will be happy to know that vodka contains ZERO carbs! However, the mixers usually do.

So make sure you use sugar free additions to your vodka.

Or drink it straight up.

No judgment here!

First up is the Moscow Mule. Sugar free of course.

Because what could be cooler than a keto cocktail?

A keto cocktail in a hammered copper mug, that's what!

But really, the sugar free mint syrup in these is pretty awesome. And easy to make at home.

And I suppose you could actually drink these out of something other than a hammered copper mug if you had to. 🙂

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If shots are your thang, here's a good one.

Vodka, lime juice, and sugar free sweetener.

Fast and simple to whip up.

Which is good, because they are also fast and simple to drink...

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If you like your cocktails savory rather than sweet, this one's for you.

There's just something about a Bloody Mary that says "lazy morning by the pool" to me.

Not that I've ever had a pool, but still.

Hopefully you have a pool to sip this by!

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My favorite cocktail, hands down, is a White Russian.

Which you can't make without Kahlua.

This, right here, is a homemade coffee liqueur recipe.

I am now, officially in Keto Cocktail heaven!

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Whenever I think of a Cosmopolitan I think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

I'm not sure why. I don't know if she drank cosmos.

They just seem very old school to me, belonging to that era.

But they are lovely and tart and refreshing, and it's time they became firmly entrenched in the here and now.

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Who doesn't love a mojito with their Mexican food? Well, ok margaritas are great too.

But so are mojitos.

Refreshing, with a splash of lime that goes perfectly with fresh pico de gallo!

And you don't really have to have Mexican food with them. You can have one all by itself.

Just because.

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I was SO excited when I found out about keto sangria!

I used to make sangria by the pitcher-full before keto.

And although red wine does have some carbs and I can't drink it by the pitcher anymore, it's back on the table!

Both literally and figuratively...

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Chocolate and peppermint in a cocktail?!? Oh, yes please!

As soon as I saw this one I HAD to make it.


Compelled, even.

This is a cocktail and dessert all rolled into one. I could drink these all the time.

Well, not really because they do have carbs. But I want to...

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Tequila!!! It just sounds fun, doesn't it?

Like a fiesta in a bottle.

And don't you just love how well the tequila drinks go with your Mexican food?

And now that you eat keto Mexican food, you can drink keto tequila drinks to go with it!

Tequila is also carb free for your keto tippling pleasure.

Watch those syrups, though!

Who doesn't love a good margarita?

And when you can get a keto-fied one, that's even better!

And you'll never guess that it's sugar-free if you hadn't made it yourself.

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If spicy is your jam, I've got you covered!

What's better than a margarita?

A margarita with a kick! And that jalapeno kicks a little.

If you want a bigger kick, change out the pepper to something a little more peppery...because, some like it hot...

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Not only is this a tasty keto cocktail, but it's a really pretty one too!

I love the color changes in the glass.

Make sure you serve it in a tall glass to get the best effects!

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Why is the rum always gone?!?

Well, it's because now you can make Keto cocktails with it, that's why!

Rum doesn't have any carbs all by itself, but again, the add in's add up.

So do yourself a solid and drink these keto-fied rum cocktails instead.

Just one sip of this lovely, refreshing punch will spirit you away to the islands.

Ukuleles, grass skirts, tiki torches, warm sea salted breezes.

All that in a little glass...who knew?

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Oh daiquiri, how I've missed you!

Whether it's strawberry, peach, or the fruit of the day, daiquiris are always a good choice at a get together.

I prefer mine frozen, but on the rocks is perfectly acceptable!

This recipe is for a lime daiquiri, which I had never had before.

Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

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I would be remiss if I didn't include a keto hot buttered rum recipe.

This is perfect for a blustery winter evening whilst sitting by the fire with a good book.

Or, if you happen to have a life, for sharing with family and friends.

Warm, buttery, rumness.

Ok, that may not be a real word, but it should be!

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Mojitos are one of my daughter's favorite drinks.

It's ok y'all, she's all grown up and married and everything.

So she's allowed.

She's actually the one that introduced me to them.

And I just love the addition of the summer berries in this recipe. Just don't forget to count the carbs in the berries.

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This Dark and Stormy is a cocktail I had never heard of before, so of course, I had to give it a try!

It's really good y'all!

Dark rum and ginger beer.

Need I say more?

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No Mexican fiesta is complete without a few pina coladas on the table.

Or the bar.

Or where ever.

This low carb version is totally as good as the original ones that would knock you straight out of ketosis after one sip.

Give em a try.


You'll thank me.

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Other Keto Cocktails

There are all kinds of other amazing cocktails out there that are really too numerous to add to this list.

Although, I did try to get as many as I could.

This category is for some of those miscellaneous, but equally delicious keto cocktails that don't happen to fall in the other categories.

I already gave you my daughter's favorite, so I thought it was only fair to give you my son's favorite as well.

As far as I know he's never actually been to Long Island.

Even though that's where my daughter lives...anyway, a Long Island Iced Tea is always his cocktail of choice when we go out to dinner.

This one is made with peach which makes it a lovely summery tasting cocktail.

You could, of course, use any flavor of tea that you want to. In case you don't like peaches.

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While Old Fashioneds are kinda, you know, old fashioned, they are still pretty tasty cocktails.

This one makes me think of Cary Grant...can you tell I love old movies?

There's something very sophisticated about this particular cocktail in my mind.

And the vanilla is so perfect.

You've got to try this one!

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Mulled wine is a favorite of mine around the holidays.

The mulling spices always evoke memories of Christmas from my childhood.

Cranberries and cloves and cinnamon, oh my!

Make it for your next holiday get together and wow your friends and family with how good low carb can taste.

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Irish coffee is another classic that I couldn't possible leave out of this list.

And this keto version might actually be a little better than the original.

The sweetness has been pared down significantly in this recipe.

Don't get me wrong, it still has some carbs, but the sweetness is not overpowering.

And there's just something special about warm cocktails that I love.

So do yourself a favor and give this one a try.

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So, there you have it. Plenty of Keto Cocktails to keep you the life of the party and not sabotage your low carb lifestyle.

As with everything, though, moderation is the key. And while the clear liquors are carb free, the add ins aren’t always.

So be smart, count your carbs, and remember, friends don’t let friend drive drunk!

Peace, love, and Keto Cocktails!!

The Big Giant List of Low Carb & Keto Cocktails