30 Cheap Keto Meals That Won’t Break The Bank

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Keto Meals on a Budget

So, you’ve done your research and you’ve decided you’re going to go for it!

You are SO gonna rock this keto thing!

Ain’t nothin gonna hold you back!



That stupid grocery budget thing you set up when you were feeling all adult-y that day.

And now you’ve got to stick to it cuz you already told your mom and she was so proud she told Aunt Emma and she told all the girls at bingo…

So now you’re stuck with that stupid grocery budget and how in the world are you going to do keto and lose weight and finally look better than that stuck up Becky Barnes at your stupid high school reunion?!?

Take a deep breath.

Find your happy place.

I got you!

I have searched for the frugal-est of frugal meals that are all keto-fied.

So now you can stick to your grocery budget (go you!), AND totally outshine Becky Barnes!

All at the same time.

Piece of keto cake!

Cheap Keto Meals

Cheap Keto Breakfast Recipes

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so let's just jump in there.

You really need to set yourself up for keto success with your first meal.

There needs to be enough fat and protein to keep you full and focused on your day.

Gone are the days of fruitloops and poptarts that sent your body into cycles of sugar highs and lows.

Welcome to the new world of keto breakfast!

Cheap Keto Lunch Recipes

The second stop on this cheap keto meal train is the lunchroom.

Don't worry if you weren't one of the cool kids.

Now all y'all get to sit at the cool kids' table.

Lunches are so versatile! From salads to soups to sandwiches, there's sure to be something here to satisfy.

Cheap Keto Dinner Recipes

And our last stop will be, of course, the dinner table.

The place where people come together and you get to bond with family.

And turn strangers into friends.

And spend time with your cat...

These cheap keto dinner recipes are really good. And to be honest, most people would never know that these are "diet" recipes.

So, let's go!

So there you go!

30 days of cheap keto meals that will keep you in ketosis and keep you in the black.

Emma and the girls gonna be so proud!

Peace, love, and keto on!

If you loved it, put a pin in it!

Cheap Keto Meals