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Top 10 Keto Ice Cream Recipes to Avoid A Summer Meltdown

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!

That is so true no matter what eating plan you are following!

Summer desserts are a temptation that is hard to overcome for a keto eating beach babe.

Or beach guy.

But guess what?


Keto ice cream is a thing.


And a very, very, extremely good thing.

Because when that sweet tooth bites, you gotta feed it.

And now you can. Guilt free.

With no sugar and no gluten all these ice cream recipes are perfect for the ketogenic diet.

You can serve them plain, with sugar free syrups, over keto brownies, or how ever else your little keto heart desires.

Best part? All of these keto ice cream recipes can be made with or without an ice cream maker.

The texture will be just a little bit different if you make it without, but the flavor is all still there.

So, drum roll please….I give you

Top 10 Keto Ice Cream Recipes

We are going to start off with just a basic vanilla recipe.

Because sometimes in life you just need basic vanilla ice cream.

It pairs beautifully with all kinds of desserts and is perfect all on it's own.

This is a really great recipe when you are craving something sweet and simple.

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And if we are going to have plain vanilla, we need to have plain chocolate!

Sometimes a person just needs some chocolate.

That way no one gets hurt. Am I right girls? LOL

This chocolate is rich and creamy and not too sweet.

Perfect for a summer chocolate fix.

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Butter Pecan ice cream.

There is nothing more southern in the ice cream family than that.

We put pecans in everything we can!

Serve this with a low carb caramel sauce and you will be in southern heaven.

It's ok if you're not southern, we'll still let you in. 🙂

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Chocolate chips and peanut butter are a classic pairing.

And one of my personal favorites.

Reeses used to be my drug of choice when life was beating me up.

Now I can have that same taste treat in a healthy way any time I want to.

Ain't life grand?

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This is an amazing taste treat!

And it includes the recipe and instructions for the "cookies" part as well.

It reminds me of when I was little and my dad taught me how to dunk my oreos in a cold glass of's that good.

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This Maple Pecan ice cream takes things to a new level.

It's almost like having candied pecans.

But it's ice cream.

Lynsey uses the chopped pecans as a garnish, but I just dump them in the ice cream maker when it's about half frozen.

Try it.

You'll thank me.

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This strawberry ice cream is not your ordinary ice cream.

This one uses sour cream to make it extra creamy.

It's the only one on the list that I haven't made in an ice cream maker.

It's specifically a no churn recipe so it doesn't need the machine.

But if you want to, go ahead and toss it in. It will be fine.

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Another fruit flavored ice cream to add to your summer fun.

This lemon ice cream is a real ice cream, not the sorbet or sherbet that you might be expecting.

And while it is ice cream, it has a lightness to it that comes from the citrus juice and zest.

This one is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

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Chocolate and mint is another one of those culinary matches made in heaven.

I actually use the combo a lot in my desserts.

And I was so crazy happy to find it in a keto ice cream recipe.

You can use the natural food coloring or leave it out entirely.

I have to admit I kinda like to use it myself.

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I saved the best for last, y'all!

My friend Laura at Sugarfree Sprinkles has an incredible blog dedicated to sugar free and gluten free baking and desserts.

She is truly a pioneer in that culinary arena.

This recipe is from her blog. And it is the best keto ice cream I have ever had.

Homemade or otherwise.

Go there.

Make this.

Be happy.

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So eat all the keto ice cream you want and keep that beach bod you’ve worked so hard on.

Just wipe that dribble off your chin before you get back in the water…mmmkay?

Peace, love, and Keto Ice Cream!

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